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Special Announcement.

Updated: May 19, 2022

It has been too long, Perth, far too long. Drowning Horse are happy to announce their only gigs of 2022.

Drowning Horse will be playing ALT//FEST on November 12 at Badlands in Perth. This special one-hour set will bring together the crushing weight of songs from the self-titled LP, Sheltering Sky and the new release, MEGHALAYAN.

Together with an incredible lineup that includes Perth legends EXTORTION, ALT//FEST will be the most intense night of 2022. Prepare yourselves for a night of brutal nihilism without limitations.

The following night, Drowning Horse and EXTORTION will return to where it began at 208. This limited capacity show will have two sets of tickets to see EXTORTION and Drowning Horse. These are only available from the bands the night before at ALT//FEST. Once those tickets are gone, you won't get into 208 for their sets without them.


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