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Formed in 2009 by members of Defeat, EXTORTION and Warthreat whose intention was to make music that would be brutal, harrowing and engaging.

The result was Drowning Horse.

Following a 7" and a self-titled double LP, the band began to draw their audience from across the musical landscape. Despite winning a WAMI for Best Metal Act, the band continued to not be defined by genre constraints when they released the album Sheltering Sky in 2015. An experimental heavy album that combined drone, rock and metal to explore the Australian landscape and experience.

Having toured Australia while playing with bands such as Neurosis, Alcest, Whitehorse and Russian Circles, they secured their reputation for a live show as trance-inducing as it is heavy.

With the 2022 release of MEGHALAYAN they continue to produce music that is as meaningful as it is intense. Drowning Horse albums and live shows are more than music; they are an experience that few can forget.

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